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Kick Hyper Chat

Kick Hyper Chat - An engaging widget that levels up with more chat engagement and has a bonus Emote Combo display.
AyyBabz creations for streamers and other streaming platforms. To support further development click here


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Hyper Chat Widget Setup

Widget Preview

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Set Up Directions

  • Type in your Kick Username
  • Difficulty Settings coming soon
  • Choose a size for your Hyper Chat Widget
  • Choose a meter bar and background color for your Hyper Chat Widget
  • Click the Generate button (This copies a URL to your computer's clipboard)
OBS Setup
  • In a scene you want to include hyper chat, add a browser source, name it Hyper Chat, and paste the URL into the URL Box that pops up and hit OK
  • Drag where you want Hyper Chat to appear on your obs layout
  • You shouldn't have to adjust any size settings
  • If you would like to include Hyper Chat on other scenes you can simply right click and copy the sub goal overlay and paste it on other scenes