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Fusion Chat Beta w/ 7TV Emote Support - Kick x Twitch Chat Overlay
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Fusion Chat Setup

Remember, some themes don't support all options below. Audio Alerts Coming Soon

Chat Overlay Preview

02:06Kick Logoi_cry_insidemonkaEyes CHAT?
12:54Twitch Logokarambit-king@crunchy229 Okay, I need a moment to recover from the adrenaline rushGaspRush of that epic gaming session.
12:54Twitch LogoTwitch LogoAnnie_Positionwe just got scammed Scammed from that game. FR FR @streamer-name
01:00moderatorverifiedBotRixPlease make sure to follow streamer-name on all social platforms including; Insta, Twitter and YouTube
12:58DrillMeScam game [emote:37226:]
01:41Kick LogosubscriberBedgemanWokege That match was so comfy. Let's run it back one more time
02:10Kick LogoDHandlerThe Plays! [emote:37233:PogU] The Plays! [emote:37233:PogU] The Plays! [emote:37233:PogU] The Plays! [emote:37233:PogU]
01:27Twitch LogoTwitch LogoTwitch LogoBrotherManWDYM Bro? LULE
01:32Twitch LogoTwitch BadgesTwitch BadgesShoenice
01:40Kick LogosubscriberDeathExpI Can't RIGHT NOW! That was so darn hilarious [emote:37226:KEKW]
01:39Twitch LogoTwitch BadgesTwitch BadgesDR_911@streamer-name they got dozens of celebrities to sing parts of John Lennon's Imagine as the intro to the game!
01:26Kick LogosubscriberDrake-HeartHey, just wanted say a huge thank you for your incredible stream and grind today! Your dedication and hard work shine through, and it's always a pleasure to be a part of your community.

Set Up Directions

  • Type in your usernames for the platforms you wish to include in your chat overlay. Kick, Twitch & (coming soon) YouTube Live
Choose your preferences:
  • *Note - some themes only support certain options depending on the theme!
  • Select a font style from the "Font" dropdown menu
  • Choose a font size from the "Font Size" dropdown menu
  • Select a text shadow option from the "Font Shadow" dropdown menu
  • Choose a font color for your message content from the color picker
  • Choose a font case option from the "Case Settings" dropdown menu
  • If not going the customize route, select a theme from the "Theme" dropdown menu
  • Timestamp: Check the box if you want to display timestamps
  • Platform Badges: Check the box if you want to display platform badges for Kick, Twitch and soon to come YouTube
  • User Badges: Check the box if you want to display user badges like moderator, vip, staff and more
  • Bots: Check the box if you want to include bot messages like botrix, nightbot, streamelements and more
  • Highlight @Messages: Check the box if you want to highlight messages mentioning you
  • Fade Messages:Check if you would like messages to fade away after x amount of seconds chosen by you
  • Click Generate, to generate a link copied to your clipboard to copy into your streaming software
OBS Setup:
  • In OBS, under sources, click + and add new browser source
  • Name browser source something like Chat Overlay and hit ok
  • Under URL, paste link copied to your clipboard
  • Important Use width and height to size your chat overlay - using the resize tool with your mouse on the overlay will cause rendering and scaling issues
  • Click ok and move your chat overlay to your desired location on screen
  • Note - for Horizontal Themes Set Width to your OBS Canvas Width (usually 1080) and height to around 100