Let's Go

A quintessential Viewer Queue List Management Widget for Kick streamers! Easily keep tabs on viewer game queues, streamline stream commissions lists, & much more with intuitive commands & a sleek overlay design.

Hollywood Model Logo
Hollywood Model Logo

Intuitive and
Easy To Use

Seamlessly manage your on-stream lists with intuitive chat commands. Whether it's adding, removing, moving, locking, marking, highlighting users, and beyond, simplify your streams while effortlessly maintaining essential queues and lists.

Show off lists with Pizazz

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Make setup
a breeze

Streamline your setup with our effortless installation process. Simply complete a few form fields, tailor the widget to your preferences with a range of options including gradient themes or custom colors to align with your branding. Customize sizes and effortlessly add or remove widget sections as needed. Then, seamlessly transfer the generated link to your streaming software, and voilà – you're all set!