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Kick Pinned Message Notifier

Kick Dynamic Pinned Message Notifier Widget - Dynamic real-time Kick pinned messages on your overlay!
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Kick Pinned Message Widget
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Kick Dynamic Pinned Message Notifier: Pin important messages on screen for all viewers to see, even on full-screen or devices that don't support showing Kick Pinned Chat. Enhance engagement so chat never misses important updates!

1. Animations that captivate your audience and bring pinned messages to life.

2. Effortlessly manage pinned messages with a Kicks built-in delete button or a simple chat command.

3. Tailor the widget to match your unique stream brand style with custom color themes

4. Express yourself fully with support for Kick emotes, emojis, and 7TV emotes, enhancing viewer engagement.

5. Stay in the know with optional sound alerts for new pinned messages, providing both visual and auditory cues.

6. Easy installation and compatibility with popular streaming software like OBS and Streamlabs, getting you up and running quickly.

7. Showcase game lobby codes, important announcements, humorous content, and stream goals, ensuring your chat viewers never miss a moment.

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