Hype Train!
By KickTools

Electrify your Kick streams with KickTools' Hype Train Widget! Designed to inject a surge of excitement into your broadcasts, the hype train slides out with a blast of a train horn, keeping viewers hooked with its suspenseful warning signal. Compete to be on the top 25 leaderboard, customize settings for any audience size, and watch as your community levels up the hype, as we've helped generate over half a million dollars in extra revenue for streamers.

KickTools Model Hype Train 1
KickTools Model Hype Train 2

Features that
go Choo Choo

Dynamic audio notifications marking the start, end, and celebratory moments, paired with visually engaging pop-ups for gifted subs, keeping your audience engaged while helping you aid monetary gain. Plus, it's sleek and unobtrusive when inactive, customizable to match your branding, and boasts a leveling system for creators of all sizes.

Simple setup
and installation

Streamline your setup with our effortless installation process. Simply complete a few form fields, tailor the widget to your preferences with a range of options including custom colors to align with your branding. Customize your timer, cooldown between activating the train. difficulty depending on community size and more. Seamlessly transfer a generated link to your streaming software, and you're all set!

Hype Train

To qualify for the leaderboard, your Hype Train must adhere to the default 5-minute timer, equivalent to 300 seconds. If you wish to be featured on the leaderboard, please submit a screenshot or clip to AyyBabz on X for consideration.

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