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Kick TTS Setup

To use TTS in chat, type tts, then the message.

Set Up Directions

  • Type in your Kick Username
  • Select Your TTS Voice of Choice (Brian is default)
  • Set A Volume
  • Select checkboxes of who you want to have access to TTS i.e., if you want everyone to use it, check anyone. If you want only mods or VIPs to use it ONLY, check the Mod and VIP checkboxes
  • Select checkbox if you want chatters to require typing "tts" in the beginning of the message to play. If unchecked, any message from allowed users will play regardless of adding "tts" or not
  • Click the Generate button (This copies a URL to your computer's clipboard)
OBS Recommended Setup
  • Create a new scene in OBS called TTS or ---TTS---
  • In that scene, add a browser source and paste the URL into the URL Box that pops up and hit OK
  • Now, for any scene you want to include TTS (e.g., your Just Chatting Scene), go to that scene, and in sources add the TTS SCENE SOURCE
  • Do this for any scenes you wish to include TTS on
  • From here, you can set up a button on your stream deck tied to the ---TTS--- Scene that can activate or deactivate TTS with a click of a button and without having to do it per scene basis
  • You can do the same with a hotkey or shortcut button in OBS if you don't have a stream deck