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Kick Live Viewer Count Beta

Kick Viewer Count Widget Beta - Display your current viewer count, peak and average viewer counts in this handy little widget.
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Kick Live Viewer Count Widget

Display your current live viewership, average viewership and peak viewership on your live stream with this handy little widget.

  • Widget refreshes every minute updating each stat and showing you a trending up or down arrow on your current viewershp
  • The mountain peak icon represents your peak viewer count during your stream session
  • The chart icon represents your average viewership during your stream session
  • Choice of color themes to fit the brand of your stream overlay
  • Most themes have full size and mini versions

Widget Setup

Widget Preview
69 Arrow Down
Peak Viewer Count 137
Average Viewer Count 98

Set Up Directions

  • Type in your Kick Username
  • Choose a color theme from the dropdown
  • Click the Generate button (This copies a URL to your computer's clipboard)
OBS Setup
  • In a scene you want to include the Kick viewer widget, add a browser source, name it accordingly, and paste the URL into the URL Box that pops up and hit OK
  • Drag your widget where you'd like it to appear on your obs layout
  • If you would like to include the widget in other scenes you can simply right click and copy the widget source and paste it on other scenes