Pikaru !
By KickTools

Pick-ah-roo. The pinnacle of automated giveaway widgets for Kick streamers. Automatically select giveaway winners, authenticate via chat or initiate rerolls on failed responses. Give optional luck to subscribers and randomized keywords to thwart bots.

Pikaru Model Logo
Pikaru Model Logo

Set it and
forget it

Configure Pikaru during setup with custom times, entry modes including sub & follower only modes then install in your streaming software. With a click of a button Pikaru automates the rest of the giveaway!

From Start to Finish

Take a look at the giveaway process from start to finsh. With automated rerolls, a response timer

Start Your
Giveaways now

Streamline your setup with our effortless installation process. Simply complete a few form fields, tailor the widget to your preferences, then seamlessly transfer the generated link to your streaming software, and voilà – you're all set! Optionally, set up a button on your streamdeck to streamline the giveaway process.