Pulse !
By KickTools

Your ultimate swiss army knife of Kick streaming overlays! Display follower and subscriber counts and goals, current live viewer data, stream uptime and more with live notifications! Click Get Pulse to learn more.

KickTools Model Logo
KickTools Model Logo

Info at
your fingertips

Experience real-time insights with Pulse. Monitor follower counts, track subscriber goals, view live viewer counts, and display a customized field of your choice on screen. Engage with viewers and stay informed with live notifications – all at your fingertips.

Featuring our Signature Gradient Themes

Gradient Style Previews

Left Arrow
Icon 1 1,392 / 1,500
Icon 2 3 / 25
Icon 3 75
Icon 4 2
Icon 5 2:10:59
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Simple setup
and installation

Streamline your setup with our effortless installation process. Simply complete a few form fields, tailor the widget to your preferences with a range of options including gradient themes or custom colors to align with your branding. Customize sizes and effortlessly add or remove widget sections as needed. Then, seamlessly transfer the generated link to your streaming software, and voilà – you're all set!