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Social Media Rotator

Social Media Rotator
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Social Media Rotator Setup

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Set Up Directions

  • Use preview text to help line up font with social logo and preview what your font will look like
  • Choose a size, font and shadow options for your social media overlay from the drop down options
  • Use vertical adjustment to line up your socials text with the logo - Some fonts render differently than others
  • From the Socials drop down, pick the social media platforms you want to use for the widget. Select one or more than one and they will generate below the drop down.
  • Choose an animation direction for the widget.
OBS Setup
  • In a scene you want to include the social media rotator widget, add a browser source, name it Socials, and paste the URL into the URL Box that pops up and hit OK
  • Drag where you want the widget to appear on your obs layout
  • If you would like to include the social media rotator widget on other scenes you can simply right click and copy the socials overlay and paste it on other scenes