Kick Daily Sub Goal

Note: This is only a daily goal and resets each stream session
Daily Sub Goal: 0 / 50
Click to copy URL


  • Enter your Kick username (case insensitive)
  • Enter the text for your sub goal description
  • Set your starting aub count, sub divider and sub goal
  • Enter an auto increment amount when goal is reached


  • Set a font style, size and color
  • Set a font shawdow, stroke and stroke color

OBS Setup:

  • Select scene for your Daily Sub Goal Widget
  • Add a browser source and name it sub goal.
  • Paste widget URL from KickTools
  • Utilize custom CSS for additional customization if desired.
  • Ensure "Shutdown source when not visible" is unchecked
  • Save and position Daily Sub Goal Widget on overlay
  • Copy/Paste reference to use Daily Sub Goal Widget on other scenes