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Kick Daily Sub Goal

Kick Daily Sub Goal - A simple, text only, daily sub goal for Kick
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Daily Sub Goal Setup

* note - this only tracks subs per stream

Set Up Directions

  • Type in your Kick Username
  • Enter the text for your sub goal description
  • Choose a divider between Sub Count # and Sub Goal #
  • Enter the goal you'd like to hit for subscriber count
  • Click the Generate button (This copies a URL to your computer's clipboard)
OBS Setup
  • In a scene you want to include the sub goal, add a browser source, name it Sub Goal Overlay, and paste the URL into the URL Box that pops up and hit OK
  • Drag where you want your sub goal to appear on your obs layout
  • If you would like to include the sub goal on other scenes you can simply right click and copy the sub goal overlay and paste it on other scenes
Daily Sub Goal: 0 / 50