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Kick Daily Sub Goal Progress Bar

Kick Daily Sub Goal Progress Bar - A customizable progress bar to track your daily subscriptions on
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Kick Sub Goal Progress Bar
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Note: This only tracks subscriptions PER SESSION, resetting the widget or your streaming software will reset the count.

1. Trendy, customizable Kick subscriber goal progress bar!

2. Real-Time Progress Tracking

3. Sub Event and Gifted Sub Event Notification Text: On a subscriber event, the progress bar will fade in and out the current sub event

4. Automated Goal Advancement: As you hit each subscriber goal, the Progress Bar effortlessly transitions to the new milestone, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted streaming experience.

5. Easy Integration: Integrates into your streaming software including OBS, Streamlabs and more.

6. TTS Announcments: Option to toggle on or off TTS Voice for announcemnt of Subscription Events.

7. Chat Commands: Streamer or Mods can update the Current Sub Count or Sub Goal via chat with commands !subcount # or !subgoal #

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Daily Sub Goal
14 / 25
Above shows event fading text & auto goal update
Birthday Sub Goal
50 / 100
Daily Subscribers
7 / 10
Kick Subs:
420 / 500
Stream Supporters
23 / 69
Halloween Sub Goal
73 / 100
End Stream Goal
95 / 100
Daily Contributions
5 / 10