Subathon Widget

The ultimate kick subathon countdown timer! Conquer milestones and supercharge your marathon streams with a touch of whimsy. Monetize like a boss and keep the party going!

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Control at
Your Fingertips

Seamlessly manage timers, milestones, and subscriptions using intuitive chat commands. Stay in control, engage your audience, and elevate your subathon streams.

A Look At The Thonify HUD

Dive into the look and feel of your Thonify Display.Experience a personalized title, day status tracker showcasing live, paused, and offline statuses, a dynamic milestone display that updates in real-time alongside your subscription goal tracker. A live ticker, that syncs with every sub, gifted sub, manual adjustments and more. Additionally, enjoy features like a Cap Time display, real-time animated notifications, and an individual pause timer.

Thonify Preview

Make setup
a breeze

Streamline your setup with our effortless installation process. Simply complete a few form fields, tailor the widget to your preferences with a range of options including gradient themes or custom colors to align with your branding. Customize sizes and effortlessly add or remove widget sections as needed. Then, seamlessly transfer the generated link to your streaming software, and voilà – you're all set!