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Kick Biggest D

Kick Biggest D - Daily, Weekly, Montlhy and Lifetime Top Gifters Widget
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Kick Biggest D Widget
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Display your top channel sub gifters with this clean looking customizable widget.

1. Highlight Lifetime, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Top Gifted Subscriptions in real-time.

2. Customize themes to match your style, from playful to classy.

3. Tailor colors, filters, and animations for a branded experience.

4. Real-time leaderboard updates for a dynamic viewer experience.

5. Encourage competition with the "Top Donator" spotlight.

6. Animated graphics for smooth leaderboard rotations.

7. Choose which leaderboards to showcase: Lifetime, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

8. Effortlessly integrate the overlay for an enhanced streaming experience.

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Leaderboard Preview

Biggest D - Lifetime
sergio123 245
simon_cowell 103
4 GuyFieri 69
5 Ludacris-xo 28
6 bobTHEbuildHER 24
7 destinEEEE 21
8 SantaClause 15
9 EmoGRLS 5
10 noob_user 2
DonJohnson just gifted 5 subs