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Voyce - On-The-Fly Polling Widget

Get instant feedback from your viewers using different modes including chat scores, yes or no, 1 or 2 polls and our legendary fire words feature that polls the top words used in your chat.

New - $5.49

Engage - Unique Chatter Goal & Metrics

Pushing for unique engagement in your live stream. Engage helps you set and monitor unique chatter goals, with some fun metrics included like, messages per minute, emotes used and more.


Pikaru - Ultimate Giveaway Widget

Pikaru is an exciting new giveaway widget designed specifically for Kick streamers. With Pikaru, you can effortlessly automate your giveaways and streamline the process of selecting winners during your live streams.

New - 9.99

VDO Buddy - VDO Ninja x Kick Chat Companion

VDO Buddy enhances your Kick streaming experience by seamlessly integrating your Kick chat as an overlay on VDO.Ninja (formerly OBS Ninja). Easily manage your chat overlay with simple gestures on any device. Streamline your interactions while streaming with VDO Buddy.

New - Free

E-motion - An Interactive Emote Wall Overlay

Spruce up your Kick Streaming game with a supercharged emote wall with multi animations, emote mini games (coming soon), emote alerts (coming soon). Free for all to use or upgrade for more animations and features.

New - Free

Hollywood - Viewer Queue List

The ultimate Viewer Queue List Management Widget for Kick streamers! Effortlessly track viewer game queues, organize stream commissions, and enjoy an intuitive interface with a sleek overlay design.

New - Min $1.00


Thonify - A Kick streamers ultimate subathon countdown widget! Conquer milestones and supercharge your marathon streams with a touch of whimsy. Monetize like a boss and keep the party going!

New - $9.99


Introducing Pulse - the Swiss Army knife of Kick stream overlays! From follower and subscriber goals to real-time viewer stats and dynamic chat commands, Pulse streamlines your streaming experience with versatile features and customizable options. Plus, stay connected with live notifications for new followers and subscriber events.

New - $9.99

Kick Counter

Introducing the Kick Counter. Your tradition streaming Kill / Death Counter on steroids. Customize your stream with this interactive tally / counting widget. Track kills, deaths, IRL moments and more. Choose your own command word, customize the look and feel of the widget and more. Coming soon: Elgato Stream Deck integration!


Social Media Rotator

Introducing the dynamic Social Media Rotator Overlay Widget! This on-screen feature seamlessly rotates between various social media platforms to keep your audience informed with sleek animations, elegantly showcasing your social media presence, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat, and more.

New - Free

Kick Vertical Sub Progress Bar

Real-Time Vertical Kick Daily subscriber goal progress bar with fluid animation, gradient color themes, custom sizes, shapes, text and more. Auto goal update when goal is reached. TTS option to announce Subscription Events.Control your sub count and sub goal via chat commands !subcount and !subgoal.

$4.99 - $3.99

Daily / Overall Follow Meter

Keep track of your daily follow goal or your overall follower goal with this stylish vertical meter bar. Animate the bar with a new follow, sound notifiation on new follower and even show when you lose a follow with flashing red leds and sound notifications.

$4.99 - $3.49

Kick Sub Hype Train

Unleash hype! Kick Sub Hype Train Widget amps up streams. Subs and gifts fuel the countdown for epic moments. Top contributor shines as the Train Conductor. Can you make the leaderboard?

Hot $12.49 - $9.99

Kick Hyper Chat

Keep your viewers engaged in your stream with the Kick Hyper Chat Widget. Level up with bonus points for unique chatters, emote combos, spam and more to help Kick metrics and keep your viewers engaged. Down time? If the hype timer runs out before next level you get demoted a level, so incentivize chat to engage the entire stream.


Kick Pinned Message Notifier

Show Kick Pinned Messages in realtime on your screen to show off those important messages, game lobby codes, stream goals and more. Idle mode and animation that shows off when messages are pinned. Optional, audible sound notifications to alert you and your viewers of messages. 7TV Emote Support!

$4.99 - $4.49

Kick Biggest D

Lifetime, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Top Gifter Widget Overlay! Showcase Your Top Gift Sub Supporters. Personalize your leaderboard with themes & color customizations. Real-time gift updates and animated rotating leaderboards.


Kick Sub Progress Bar V2

Real-Time Kick Daily subscriber goal progress bar with fluid animation, gradient color themes, custom sizes, shapes, text and more. Auto goal update on goal reached. Fade in text notifications on sub and gifted sub events. V2 Now with TTS option to announce Subscription Events and control your sub count and sub goal via chat commands.


Fusion Chat

A chat overlay for live streamers that includes Kick, Twitch and soon Youtube Live chats on one overlay. Fully customizable, with themes and 7tv support.

Popular - Free

Kick Live Viewer Count

This is an overlay widget to show your current live viewer count with up or downward trend, peak viewership and average viewership. Themes and customizations coming soon.

Hot - Free

Kick Daily Sub Goal

Keep track of your daily subscribers with this simple text overlay. Set a starting and ending goal, customize the sub goal text, colors, fonts and more. Ending goal also increments to a new goal when reached.


Kick Fan Finder

Use this tool to view a Kick Viewers following status, age, subscription status, ban status and more to a specific Kick Streamer.


Kick Follower Goal Widget

Keep track of your follower count on Kick with this trendy and fully customizable goal widget overlay. Change Follower Text, Font, Text Color, Background Color with Gradient Option, Size and if you want to show Kick Icon or Not.


Kick Lotto Bot

This giveaway bot is used to do giveaways to your Kick viewers where they can join by typing a keyword in chat. Including subscriber only drawings, sub luck multiplier, filtered chat history and more.


Kick TTS Widget

A Kick Chat TTS widget that will read your viewers messages when they type tts in chat. Also has permission settings for who can use the tts.


Kick Chat Statistics

A Kick overlay widget show your chat statisctics including; Top chatters, amount of messages sent, average viewer count, peak count and more.


Kick Fire Words Widget

This widget is an on the fly poll that reads your chat in realtime and polls the top used words in chat.


Kick Events Notifier

This widget will show you Subscriber, Gifted Sub and Host Notifications in a simplistic format and play a notification sound. Style to come soon

Will Be Discontinued

Social Media Banner Generator

Use this widget to generate a social media logo overlay that highlights your name.


Streaming Assets

A compilation of streaming assets including info graphic panels, stream overlays and more.